Christmas in Otter River, 2013

Looking back, it has been 5 years since this post. It is also well past Christmas! Unfortunately, due to varying schedules, it took a bit to gather the compilation of videos and images used to create this Christmas 2013 Memory:

This year, the families also dedicated some Christmas Songs to specific folks. I have linked to them here:

Christmas 2013: Feliz Navidad, sung for Alexis and Kolton
Christmas 2013: Ingrid Greetings
Christmas 2013: Oh! Holy Night, sung for Reni and Lori
Christmas 2013: Twelve Days of Christmas, a family tradition
Christmas 2013: We Wish you a Merry Christmas, sung for everyone
Christmas 2013: White Christmas, sung for Gary, Sr.

I think there were more songs sang that night, but not all were captured on video.

Merry Christmas!