Memories from Phil

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My first job was cutting grass at the cemetery with Mr. Brown as boss; I also worked at Peases picking apples in the fall and pruning trees in the spring. I also was the playground instructor under Ken R. the summer of 53. I worked at L&Z Kaimans and Temple Stuarts where I loaded train cars my senior year and for a year after that, Manys the day I ate lunch with Stella as she was the sec. in the shipping dept. Home deliveries were a big thing then. Do you remember Tip Top Bread, Holsum donuts,Soda from the Otter River Beverage Co. delivered by horse and buggy fo 2 cents a bottle? The iceman coming a chopping off pieces for us on hot afternoons was a real treat. How many remember ice being harvested down at the pond and where and how it was stored. I remember the day Roosevelt died in 1947 and Mom coming out of the house crying to tell us kids who were playing outside. She brought us in and we all sat by the radio listening to the broadcast of it. Do you remember the old woody cars and how Dad would repair and make new doors as dealers needed them. Wood was used as there was a shortage of metal due to the war. Car bumpers were also made out of wood.

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