A Day in the Life


Today is a milestone day for me and my family.  Christina, my oldest, is now a legal adult.  Yup, she is 18 today!

Here she is just before she turned 18 (last night):

Christina Age 17 and 364 days and 22 hours  Christina Age 18 and 7 hours

And, in the AM, when she was 18.  Besides not getting enough sleep probably, I do not see any difference.

As an adult, it will be fun to see who she votes for this fall!

She will always be my baby girl!

We had her Party on Saturday as this seemed the best time that her friends could make it.  Many have jobs….

I made Dad’s World Famous Homemade Pizza (well four pizza’s actually), they guzzled soda’s, and their was even some dancing.

Then we all had cake and ice cream and sang Happy Birthday:

Video: Sunshine’s Birthday Cake Fiasco

I always loved those candles!!