A Future Soldier No More

Tomorrow, Gary Jr. will join the Army officially.  At 8 AM he will get his first promotion for being a Future Soldier over the past year and adhering to the program guidelines.  At 2 PM he joins others in the area that will attend Boot Camp with him, and go to MEPS for his intake.  After about 72 hours he will fly to Georgia for Boot Camp.  After Boot Camp, he will be taking advanced training, then receive his first orders.000_0009 (2)















I have every confidence in Gary Jr. to not only complete his training but to excel at it in all areas.  He is very excited to go, he has wanted to do this for many years.

Of course, we will miss him very much each and every day.  I will always keep a light on for his safe return.  I can’t wait for his first pictures in uniform and will post them as soon as I get them.

In the meanwhile, my friend and neighbor threw a combination graduation party for her son and Gary’s departure.  The album link has some pictures of the party:

Skyler’s Graduation Party


Please join me in wishing Gary Jr. well in all his endeavors.