Anna Brannback Mattson and Siblings

Recently, through the excellent research by everyone’s FAB, we have been able to add more branches to ever growing Family Tree.

Betty was interested, as were we all, in the siblings and additional history of her mother’s (Lydia (Mattson) Swanson) mother, Anna (Brännbäck) who married Erik Victor Mattson. Recently she has been able to visit Signe (Engstrom) Havumaki, who is a cousin of Lydia.

She was able to scan some pictures of Ida Brännbäck, a sister of Anna. These two traveled together on their immigration to America:

Anna ship manifest-1

Ship Record of Anna and Ida Brännbäck
(Click image for full size preview)

Anna’s sibling are Karl, Isak, Herman, Israel, Maria, Ida, Edward, Sofia, Karolena, and Johanna!
I have put together this Gallery of some of the pictures from that meeting, along with some others of the folks discussed:

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  1. I am ,i believe , a great grandson (if you count Ruth Hilda Mattson adoption) than i am a grandson!….My father is Joseph L Richard…they married in 1951 in Gardner,ma.

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