Another Step Taken

This morning, Marty called Ingrid! Ingrid answered the ringing phone to hear, “Hi, Hon!” At first, Ingrid didn’t know who was calling, never expecting that her husband would be able to call just 48 hours after his stroke! Marty told Ingrid to take her time getting to the hospital today so she and Tim are doing some yard work this AM. This is the season when Marty and Ingrid typically do a lot of burning so Ken and I plan to get some of that done for them this week while Ken has school vacation.

Last night, Marty was moved to Rm 407 (E) in Lakeside 2. He had a good supper and talked quite a bit last night. Hour by hour, day by day, he continues to progress!

Please remember a friend, Jon, who is also a stroke victim in the ICU at UMass. Irene and Jon attended church with us many years ago and their 7 children (now all grown with children of their own) were in the youth group that Ken and I led. Jon had a very serious stroke in early April and really needs a miraculous healing to restore his life with his wife, children and grandchildren. We are so grateful that, as we visit with Marty, we’re able to offer, love, care, support and prayers to so many there!