Graduation Day

Christina S - 1996 (2) Today, Christina (and family and friends) will attend Commencement Ceremonies.  Her hard work has paid off and now she will join the rest of us adults in the great big real world.  That being said, she will continue to have me as her advisor, a mentor, a father, and a friend, until the end of time.  I know she will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to, as she has a steadfast determination for such, a trait I am sure she got from none other than myself!  As she sets off now for the future, I have some great advice that also applies to the rest of the Class of ’08:

1.  Plan.  The future is mostly unknown to us all, so do all you can to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

2.  Set goals.  Without goals, the future may seem bleak and meaningless.  Work towards them with vigor.

3.  Seek the advise of your elders.  They’ve been there already.

4.  Challenge yourself.  You CAN do it!

5.  Do not fear failure.  If you fail at some endeavor or task, try again, discover, learn, move on.  Success is merely a series of failures, over time, with much learned.

It is a special day in the hearts of all the parents who will attend ceremonies this spring.  Their babies are all grown up and will likely embark on a new life soon.  I wish them all the best.  I will always hold this day close to my heart as a great day for not only the beautiful young woman that is my daughter but also all the others who will join her as graduates of the Class of ’08!

Please fell free to leave your own advise or comments below.