This past week, I traveled to Georgia for a few days to visit Junior and to attend his boot camp graduation ceremonies at Fort Benning

In a large training room where the families assembled for an informational brief by staff was this wall:

100_4645 Stitch

As expected, Jr seemed more mature after boot camp, a bit wiser, more lean, a man ready to protect our country, a calling of his choice.

He is now a next gen infantryman in Today’s Army, deserves everyone’s utmost respect, and most certainly has mine.

Christina had to work and PJ needed to be at school so they were unable to attend.  Luckily, I was able to get some pictures and video.

There were two ceremonies.  The Turning Blue ceremony signifies that each soldier has passed the stringent requirements to become a soldier in today’s army.

This was held in the barracks area of the 198th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 58th Regiment, Delta Company, the Marauders:

Floor artwork in barracks:
This artwork was created by one of the members and was made into sweatshirts:

The members listed are those in Jr’s Platoon, the 4th.

The next day was a graduation ceremony, which was held at the newly opened National Infantry Museum at Patriot Park in Columbus, GA:

100_4671 Stitch

It was an experience I will never forget.

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

100_4675 100_4676 000_0001 100_4679 100_4684 100_4644 100_4649 100_4650 100_4652

100_4658 100_4661 100_4664 100_4665 100_4666 100_4667

Click any picture for a full preview.

Here is a small clip from the Turning Blue ceremony:

He is doing very well in all aspects of training, barely missing the top spots, but putting him squarely at the top.

Not only that, but he earned a trophy for his work with the CFC:



Next, his training continues:

Airborne School