In Memoriam

**Repost**  I will begin the 25th Memorial Reminders now for next year:

Joann Marie Swanson


This week marks the passing of our beloved sister, daughter, mother and friend, Joann Marie Swanson.  She was born on Sept. 18th, 1962 to my mother, Tillie and father, George.  As my sister, she brought much happiness to my life.  She is dearly missed and will forever be remembered by all who knew her.  For those who do not know, she rests in Green River Cemetery in Greenfield, Ma.

Please take a moment this week to discuss her life with family and friends.  I will complete additional updates to the Swanson Family Website this week and add a new memoriam there on August 17th, 2007.

Joann loved Bonnie Raitt’s music and played her music almost day and night before her death, much of her music has now been digitally re-mastered and much also is unavailable, it being owed by Warner Music, who cancelled her contract in 1985 (due to her political activism, something studios frown on when they are not on the artists side of the issues).  That being said, she also went through a rough period of dependencies during those years:

And, here is Bonnie recently with the Great Norah Jones:

In loving memory………