Iowa Floods of ’08

This video from AP has a very strong message (and from a kid):


THIS link shows the worst of the flooding in Cedar Rapids, taken from above!

The New York Times reports on how the floods are affecting some of the best farmland in the USA.

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The map above shows just how bad the flooding is in Iowa right now.

Shawn traveled through eastern Iowa Saturday, the 14th of June, 2008:


Yesterday, my drive home from West Des Moines, which normally takes about 3 1/2 hours, took over 6 1/2 hours due to 100 miles worth of detours and a two hour traffic jam that covered only six miles.  I actually had to drive through interstate 380 North, which cuts right through the middle of Cedar Rapids, goes over the Cedar River, and is the only bridge not covered with with water in Cedar Rapids.

Although cars were not allowed to stop and view, I was able to catch several glimpses of the devastation and it is just as bad, or even worse, than what you see on TV.  I saw a couple of gas stations that were almost completely submerged in water, houses that had water up to the second story and block after block of flooding conditions.

The one thing probably not getting its due attention is the thousands of rural farm acres that are completely covered.  Iowa has numerous smaller rivers that branch off the three major rivers (the Cedar, Des Moines and Mississippi Rivers).  These smaller rivers are, and have been for quite some time, completely overflowing into farm land that is spread out over much of central and eastern Iowa.  Not all farms are affected, but any that are near some of these smaller rivers are getting hammered.

Our city of Clinton is still safe even though we are right on the Mississippi.  I mentioned in a previous email that we are fortunate to have a very effective dike that should keep us well protected again for this flood.  The widest part of the entire Mississippi River is actually located here in Clinton (over 3 miles wide), so the integrity of this dike they built is absolutely critical.  Even if the water gets over the dike, we live at one of highest points in the city.  If we get flooded, then that means the whole town would basically have to be under water.

This Mississippi River is not at a critical stage but is still rising and has started to flood some streets in downtown Davenport which is about 40 miles south of Clinton.  The weather is calling for another 3-5 inches of rain in the next few days so things could get worse before they get better.  I’m watching the news today and a couple of levees have been breached in downtown Des Moines.

Obviously, my long drive yesterday pales in comparison to the problems that people are facing in other areas of the state.  We feel fortunate and blessed to be out of harms way at the present time.  I will try and get some pictures and update when possible.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern.

Shawn and Christina


It does not look like things are going to get better right away:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather Forecast

These floods are having a wide effect on shipping in the central USA.

Click here to see thousands of flood images.