Martin Continues to Improve

Now here’s some progress! On Sunday, Marty was able to close his fist a number of times! Yesterday, he was able to use a bicycle pedal (mounted on a table) with his right shoulder/arm/hand. I’ve attached a video of that and I think you’ll be as amazed as we were! Ingrid called this AM and Marty is now walking on his own, without a cane or a walker. All of this is positioning him for coming home this Friday! Continued thanks to everyone who have been showering I&M with calls, cards, emails and prayers!

Yesterday, we sat thru an hour seminar on helping stroke victims. Ingrid was able to share how much our family has been supportive since Marty’s stroke on the 14th and the leader of the group emphasized that the support, along with the stroke patient’s fight and determination, are key factors in recoveries. And we certainly want to acknowledge all the expertise of the medical staff and the prayers of family and friends!

The video is also on Facebook.