Only one more…

Today, PJ, or Phil as he likes to be called now that he is almost 16, started his Junior year at EHS.  I still call him PJ all the time, he turns 16 on the 6th, and is growing quickly.  As he is the baby of our family, there will be just one more first day of school event (at least at this level) for me.  He is a good student, made the honor roll last year, and is taking some advanced classes.

PJ almsot 16

The schedule:

PERIOD 1(A): CP Algebra II

PERIOD 2(A): CP US Government

PERIOD 3(A): CP Advanced Composition

PERIOD 4(A): CP Multimedia/Web Design

PERIOD 5(A): Honors Economics

PERIOD 6(A): Honors Advanced French

PERIOD 7(A): CP Biology I

He will do well, he’s smart like his dad! (Now do your homework!)