Phil Seeks Tools of Old

Phil has suggested that we all look around and see if we have any of the wood-working items that Philip Swanson (Dad/Grandpa) made…and that we take pictures of them to share and then, sometime in the future, maybe bring them all to a family gathering to look over! For those of you who didn’t know Dad that well, he was a very accomplished craftsman, had a complete shop set up in what was then the garage, worked at Temple Stuart, sold his hand-crafted items from the ‘stand’ near the road (see picture attached of Chris & Betty eons ago with the ‘Swanson Novelties/Toys sign in the background. He made baby and doll furniture, spice cabinets, candlestick holders, and small pieces of furniture. I’ve attached a picture of a doll chair that I have and also a piece that Phil has (you’ll see Phil’s reflection in the mirror!)

If anyone has any of the items he’s made, send a picture along and I know Gary will be happy to show them on the website!

Chris & Betty throwing snowballs_cleaned


Philip Swanson's craft


Philip's carpentry skills-doll high chair

Images 1 and 3 have been clean up a bit and re-posted!