Smedhemmet (Blacksmith Home) was Phillip Swanson’s homestead in Sweden.  He lived here as a boy with his parents Carl and Emma.  In this Carl and Emma link (or by using the left menus or categories to find them within the blog), you will see pictures of this home taken a very long time ago, about 100 years!  K&B and I&M recently visited Sweden and one of the places on the agenda was Smedhemmet:


They, along with family from Sweden, have many more pictures which we will be going through soon and I will be posting…In the meanwhile here are some that Rune and Betty have emailed to me this week:

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20100701019_thumb2 20100701025_thumb1 20100701020_thumb1 20100701021_thumb1

20100701022_thumb2 20100701026_thumb2  

I will also be adding more family heritage links, so look back for those and also for more on the trip including their jaunt to Finland!