SVAR RIKSARKIVET is the National Archives of Sweden.

Handwritten Cover - Barnarp Church Records - 1624
Above, the handwritten cover for a Parish Record from Barnarp, Jonkoping, Sweden began in 1624. (SVAR)

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I have begun, with help from family members, to search these archives for provenance, a documentable trail of our Family Heritage in Sweden.  I have begun with Carl and Emma Svensson, Phillip’s parents.  Today, I found the parish record for their marriage:

Provenance - Marriage - Karl Simon Svensson - Emma Christina Svensdotter - 1 29 1898 - Rogberga 
An actual scan of the parish record book, noting Karl and Emma’s Marriage on 1-29-1895. (SVAR)

Emma Kristina and Karl Simon Svensson (Philip's parents)
Emma Kristina and Karl Simon Svensson (Philip’s parents)

This post is to show progress on this very important project.  Once I complete the records search for each individual (as we go up the family tree), I will add a specific page here for them which may include a record of birth, a record of marriage, and a record of death, all I can find.  There may be other records such as tax and census records that may indicate where they lived and what they did for work at times during their lives.

We are lucky to have our heritage from Sweden.  They were the first record keepers in Europe, have had little war or catastrophe, and have done a great job of keeping these records both accurate and available.  Many of these records have been manually entered into searchable databases, making searching for basic information easy.  They have scanned almost all parish record books back to the early 1600’s and even have the full tax census ordered in 1571!  The census recorded who was living in every household in Sweden, their dates and locations of birth, etc.  Cross-referencing this data will and has lead me to find actual records of our ancestors in Sweden.

I am glad to get this project moving forward and hope all will enjoy it.

FYI, I now have database matched records that go SIX generations before Philip (to date) to document and post and expect I will be able to go back several more!

Look for these posts as they become available.

The project is continuing on plan.  I am currently organizing my work.  The tasks are daunting, but the work is light, so I shall continue…

See next post.