The Traveler, A Christmas Soldier

Today starts with great glee for me, a bit of emptiness eases.  Leaving Fort Benning and traveling the friendly skies will be Gary, my first born son, who has since late June been attending training in Today’s Army.  He has done well, mustering the strength both physically and mentally to merit our full respect, and he does certainly have mine.

He will join us after his flight to Logan this evening, a rush hour trip I will make with pride and certainty.

The last bit of decorating and tidying is my chore here today, as we prepare for his return home.  I shall ask that he grace our tree with it’s topping as soon as he arrives and then I shall add some photos to this post, but first one more Early Bird shopping excursion this AM…

Welcome home for the Holidays!

As promised, here are a few pictures I took as Gary got off the plane (well as close to the plane as non-travelers can get these days)

A big hug from Chissy


























Everyone is back home and safe, a bit weary for the travel, but so glad to be together again.

Not long after we arrived home, Gary did add the Angel to the Christmas Tree – the decorating is done!






















Even the puppy was happy!






















Now for a long winter’s nap….