The Very Early Spring Festival of Twenty Ten

With the weather as perfect as any Summer can bring and it being very early in Spring, what best to do but have the Very Early Spring Festival of Twenty Ten?  So, we did.

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The celebration included, of course, that this day is Easter.  The traditional Easter egg hunt was had not only by the young but also all who love the thrill of finding an Easter Egg – some painted so preciously by my great friend and neighbor, Lisa, some filled to capacity of candies with the loving help of Christina and her new love, Jim.

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The next part of the celebration was that Christina has now departed the home and begun a new life with Jim as of April 1.  I do wish them all the very best and do hope she keeps in touch (and often).  I am gratified to see her hard work and thoughts of the future are starting to reap rewards.


The spiral ham, salad, and the veggies were devoured quickly.  We were joined by friends and neighbors in a feast that few on Earth likely enjoyed today.  We were, all of us, thankful for it.

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Gary Jr is also on a short leave this weekend.  As he will not be able to be with us on his upcoming birthday, we enjoyed a homemade cake, yellow with chocolate frosting, his favorite.  It was arranged in the shape of the number 19, but adorned with 20 candles, 19 for his age and one for good luck.


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The day ended with a pleasant early evening spent relaxing on the back deck with some wonderful colorists, watching as the children played in the yard on what would normally be a chilly evening brought all the moms and dads to be overly cheerful at the early return to NH of Spring.

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Having then exhausted their earlier fill of candies, we all retired to the TV in time for the first crack of the bat at Fenway Park of the regular season, a battle we are all so familiar with, a game against our foe, those darned Yankees!

It was a full day of awesome family fun, a day I shall not ever forget.