Uncle Phil Retires

I am told by a family matriarch that today Uncle Phil has retired. I hope he enjoys his full time job now of fishing, lounging, and dining. Anyone who works up to the age of 75 deserves that, and much more, like our whole extended families congratulations! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Uncle Phil Retires

  1. To my eldest brother….it’s time to rest and enjoy your retirement years…trust me, it won’t be boring! You’ll have plenty to do and lots of time to enjoy your wife, children and grandchildren! Enjoy!

  2. Hey, don’t think you’re going to sit back with not enough to do. If you have a normal retirement you are going to find you just don’t have the time needed in any given day to do the things you have found to do. But, that’s the secret, you’ll be so active you won’t have time to get old!!! Old is a state of mind. Good luck and happy whatever!!!

  3. Congrats Uncle Phil!! Long time coming! Enjoy the free time to its fullest.

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