A Future Soldier and Graduate Turns 18

Today is Gary Jr.’s 18th Birthday.  On June 12th he graduates from EHS.  On June 30th, he ships out to boot camp in GA.  He has wanted to be a soldier since he was a kid, has been a ‘future’ soldier for the last year, and has been accepted for advanced training already.  I am positive he will shine!  I am very proud of him.  He has become a fine young man, one fit to excel in anything he decides to do.

Above is a slideshow of Gary through the years.  I have added more pictures from today to the end of slideshow.


Well, we had a BBQ of Chicken, Ribs, Hot Dogs and Garlic Red Potatoes, followed by cake and ice cream, of course.  Some of Gary’s closest friends came by as did his sweetie Kate.

Gary's 18th Birthday Party

I had a day I will always remember!