La introducción de J. R. Velasco y de la Familia

J. R. Velasco is my cousin.  His mother is Pili, who is my mother Tillie’s sister.

J.R. Velasco is a Professor at the Universidad de Alcalá.

When Juan Ramon was a teenager, he visited us during the summer.  Regrettably, I have not until recently been in contact with Juan Ramon.

I think it is very interesting to find out that he has been involved in Engineering (although I must say, I am no professor), that he also has a hobby of amateur photography and that he has a personal and business related Blog.

Please welcome Pili, Juan, and my extended family from Spain to Swanson Photo’s.




July 4th 2007

Thank you, Juan, for the pictures.  I wish everyone in Spain all the best and hope someday soon our paths will cross again.

I also hope both Pili, Tillie, and all moms everywhere had a great Mother’s Day!