A Post in Time

The software improves, megapixels, processing time.  Relevance of the pan, stoked deep in Winter, a walk, a time cherished, a scene in my mind that shall forego others, remaining until time is no more.  Find again this time, cherish it’s wealthy poignancies.

A Winter Walk:

Winter Walk 2007 (512x103)

You’ll notice I added the above panoramic picture at the top of the page (clickable – be patient!).

I am not sure why I have not made more panoramic pictures, but I will.  It is easy with Windows Vista and a good camera.

I took the picture on a short walk me and Christina took at mid-day today, just as the new snowfall ended and the sun came out.

Urban Foresty Center

If you think this is a pretty place in the Winter, try it in the Spring!  Click on the image above to find out more!

BTW….Happy New Year!