The 2009 Holiday Albums

First, let’s recall those who were there to celebrate with us in years past, but are no longer:

Ed Swanson


Jeanette Knowlton, Ken’s Mom.

I recently learned that Jack Elsen, who is Reny’s Father in Law (John’s dad) passed away just after Christmas.

All are missed greatly by very many.

We spent Thanksgiving at Ingrid and Martin’s this year, had a superb time of family, treats and awesome food, of course.  After last years ice storm, I&M were left with a much larger back yard as many trees came down.  This tree did survive, a fitting Christmas Tree, left to grow, but decorated for this season:

The Remaining Tree comes to life

We started our Christmas Eve with a visit to Mom.  Nicole and Christian stopped in with the newborn, Isabella Rose.  We then headed to Ken and Betty’s for a spectacular evening:

Christmas Eve

Of course, prior to our Christmas excursion, we decorated and made our favorite treats, and in the morning opened the presents Santa brought us:

Christmas Morning

On New Years Eve, PJ and I just hunkered down due to the weather, but on New Years Day, Nicole and Christian brought JR back from a visit and stayed for a nice dinner.  Josh and Shawne came and it was Isabella’s one month birthday!

New Years Day 2010

Christine took lots of pictures at the family Christmas get together in Otter River this year.  Betty has scanned and uploaded them so I can share them with all!

Christmas 2009 – Christine

OK, that is it for the Holidays unless folks have pictures to send.