An Update from Marty

As of today (May 18th), this is the status of my recovery:

1.) Right leg has improved to estimated 95% recovery. I can walk with no limp. Expect to have completed rehab at the end of May.

2.) Right arm – Can move all fingers slightly. Can move arm straight upwards and hold it in 45 degree positions and horizontal. Can shake a right hand with a firm grip. Some say ouch! Can grasp cones in various positions and swing in front of my body placing in stack on left side. Hand still swollen.

3.) Speech – Continuously improving. Can pronounce words perfectly with a slight lisp (due to stroke on right side). Expect to complete rehab sometime in June. Praise God for the healing!

Continue to do all that I can to help in the kitchen. Feel great-no pain. Instant retirement! Vacation all day, every day. Can I help any of you?



P.S. Typed with my dumb left hand!