Come One, Come All!

On Saturday, April 26th, a family get together is planned to celebrate the return to Massachusetts of cousin Shawn and his wife Christina, traveling here from the Midwest for a rare visit.  The plan is to have an afternoon of bowling and then pop over to I&M’s for dinner.  Someone suggested a smorgasbord or chinese or pizza.  I vote for all the above!  A smorgasbord of chinese and pizza would be perfect!  I suspect some of those great cooks would bring some great things to eat as they always do.  Check your email for more info. on this event!

Shawn and Christina 2005 


FAB writes the following:

Thanks for the posting, Gary!  And nice pix, Shawn and Christina!  One thing we’ll also do that day is to look at the 80th birthday party video of Lydia (1988).  Some may have never seen it and others probably haven’t for a good long while!  Mom/Gram/Lydia would love knowing that the family is getting together for more than just Christmas or weddings or funerals.  Thinking of her today reminded me of a poem that Chris wrote soon after Mom died.  She gave it to us along with a flower and the poem has been sticking to the side of our refrigerator since 1996.  Chris wrote:

As I look at this flower

Each day I will see

It will bring back a smile

Of a special memory

I love you, I miss you

When life’s too hard to bear

I’ll remember your words

“I want to see you all there”.

Mom always said she wanted to see all of her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren in Heaven with her and Dad one day.  And in the meantime, I think she has that lovely smile on her face whenever we all get together.

She is missed. She is loved and you are loved!

See you on the 26th!