What do Candlepin, Hunter, Mac, & TV have in common?

I received this email from Jodi today about Hunter….

Hi everyone! We’re happy to announce that Hunter will be going to the championship for candlepin bowling on a program called Candlepin of Kids Heatseekers 2008 (http://www.candlepinforkids.com). The championship will take place on June 22nd at the Pilgrim Lanes in Haverhill, MA.

We were at the Roll-A-Away Lanes in Ware, MA on Sunday, May 18th and that was where he qualified to be on the event show. It’s divided up into 3 groups (11 & under, 12-14, and 15 -18). Hunter’s partner is Mackenzie Easterbrooks, who also bowls at the same place as Hunter does, which is Ficco’s Bowladrome in Franklin, MA.
All the shows are posted on
YouTube and below are the links to Hunter’s show.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four


Jodi & Michael

So now you know what Candlepin, Hunter, Mac, & TV have in common!

Here is Part 1: