Memories from Jim

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At age 13, I worked at Pease Apple Orchard in Brooks Village (part of Templeton). I picked apples for $.40/hr-2 hours after school and 7-8 hours on Saturday. How did I spend my $$? Sometimes I would take my friend, Stevie Sund, up to the General Store and buy us each a popsicle; sometimes I would see a movie in Gardner (Mom & Dad never knew that!); and sometimes Dad needed my money for food for the family.
-I bought a car-a Chevy-for $15 from the Lemieur’s (up the street); too young for a license, I drove it on next-door neighbor’s (Aiken’s) cart roads behind the house. I often gave Emerson Aiken rides in the woods.
-I next worked for the Templeton Cemetery Dept.—for $.80/hr—then on to Temple Stuart (Ed, Arlene and Chris all worked there at one time or another) where I traced—with a pencil—parts—for $.90/hr.
-My first girlfriend (here in Templeton) was Patty—who coincidentally is my wife, Rose’s, cousin. My second girlfriend was Karen. This relationship didn’t last very long since I spilled ketchup all over her on our first date.

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